Energy Wise Green Solutions, Inc. supplies "Green Initiative" lighting to commercial buildings and businesses. We provide quality, energy efficient LED lighting for your business based on audits that demonstrate the benefits of LED technology. If your company needs to upgrade its lighting, we can:


  •    Lower your energy usage and your costs dramatically
  •    Improve your lighting and create a more pleasant workspace
  •    Reduce your carbon footprint
  •    Provide a greener environment for your facility
  •    Help you apply for all available rebates
  •    Service your account and maintain all of your lighting needs
  •    Improve your company architecturally and aesthetically


Energy Wise Green Solutions, Inc. can provide you with a more efficient, aesthetically pleasing work place. We can provide you with an environment that shows your staff and your customers that you are serious about energy conservation, while you experience substantial savings for your company. These are our goals for you and your business.