What is LED?

led light bulbMany companies are contemplating switching their lighting to energy efficient LED lighting. Instead of paying more because of the outdated bulbs they’re using. Converting to LED lighting for your business is a wise idea. LED lighting stands for light-emitting diodes (LEDS). These LEDs are an extremely efficient source of light. They run cooler, last longer and use a fraction of the energy of their predecessors, incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs, but today, LED bulbs can also be used like most other light bulbs. Another great benefit of an energy wise transfer is that LED lighting doesn’t contain mercury or any other deadly toxins, leaving us with a safer healthier planet. All LED lights emit no ultra violet (UV) light, so they don’t invite bugs into your business and they don’t generate radio frequency waves, so it won’t interfere with radio or television broadcasts. LED lighting also comes in many forms, including flashlights, screw-in light bulbs, strips and clusters. There are so many other wonderful advantages from switching to LED. Remember LED lighting consume less energy, leaving more money in your pocket! To find out more information about installation contact us at 631-569-5337.

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